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Hey there! I’m Michel

I am writing this blog for individuals that have ADHD and for the loved ones that are around individuals with ADHD. The main reason for writing this blog is to tell my story and to help out others that are trying to understand and work with ADHD to make it work for you.

Personally I am diagnosed with combination type ADHD which means that I have characteristics of both inattentive, and hyperactive-impulsive type.

A brief introduction about me. My parents knew from an extremely young age that I was not like my sisters and by the first grade I ended up receiving my diagnosis for moderately severe ADHD. During my times on medication things were easier and I performed pretty well in school. By the time I made it to high school I went completely off of medication due to wanting to join the United States Army. I served four and a half years as a Combat Medic and deployed to Eastern Afghanistan for one tour with my Infantry Unit in 2013. I ended up leaving the United States Army after injuring my back and attended college and received Magna Cum Laude honors for my Bachelors of Science in Biology with a Minor in Analytical Organic Chemistry. More recently I have matriculated into Medical School

This is my journey.